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Scanning Acoustic Microscope SAM System For Laboratory



High-performance all-in-one machine-1000mm/s scanning speed, 8m/s² scanning acceleration. The scanning efficiency of typical application scenarios reaches 35 seconds/piece. It provides a high-performance solution for the rapid full inspection of large quantities of small and medium-sized workpieces. The use of an integral welding frame and an active balance damping mechanism can effectively reduce the shaking of the body caused by high acceleration and improve the imaging quality.


1、Gantry type high-speed linear motor scanning motion table;

2、Active balance damping system;

3、Integral welded frame to improve stability;

4、Fully enclosed protection;

5、Universal fixture, one-key calibration, remote assistance;

6、Automatic water supply and drainage, water circulation filtration system.


Precision devices-high-speed full inspection in semiconductor, integrated circuit and diamond industries, suitable for physical and chemical laboratories or workshop sites.



2、Maximum Scanning Range: 500mmX330mmX100mm;

3、Overall Size:1250mmX850mmX1300mm;(Standard)

4、Detector frequency range:1~50MHz;(Standard,Can be upgraded to 230MHz);

5、Recommended resolution of image:0.5um ~ 4000um;

6、Typical Scanning Time:≤35s (Testing Conditions:Scanning area 10mmX10mm,Resolution ratio 50um);

7、Maximum Scanning Speed:1000mm/s;Maximum Scanning Acceleration:8m/s²;

8、Motion Mechanism Positional Accuracy:Axis X/Y<±1um,Axis Z <±10um;Repeated Positioning Accuracy:Axis X/Y <±0.01mm,Axis Z <±0.02mm;

9、Sampling frequency:25~250MHz;(Standard,Can be upgraded to 1.5GHz);

10、Adjustable gain per channel:-13~66dB;(Standard,Upgradeable);Pulse Repetition Frequency:5kHz;(Standard,Upgradeable).

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