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Installation & Debugging

Our company sells all the products are customer site installation, debugging and training by our engineers or our company commission professional engineers. Our all installation debugging training engineers have rich experience and they have assembled more than 500 instruments and hold engineer qualification certificates.


1, One week ahead of installation, our company will inform the customers to prepare suitable environment for instruments operation such as humidity, temperature, ground wires, and some hardware facilities such as purity of 99.999% argon, corresponding current device.

2, The engineer according to Installation and Debugging Guidelinesto disassemble on the scene, assembly of parts. All steps follow the guidelines.

3, Power-on test, it is used to detect if some parts were damaged in transportational process.

4, Debugging instruments and software can make the instrument get a best working condition.

5, Training: 1. Common sense training.

         2. Software training

         3. Sample testing training

         4. Simple troubleshooting training.

         5. Users self-test training

6, Please fill in acceptance report and confirm installation, debugging, and training can be finished successfully.


Parts & Maintenance

Dr.J Scientific also offers a wide range of useful accessories

During the design and development of your instruments careful consideration was given to the following points:


Easy set-up

Good accessibility to all parts

A modular structure with single function components

For fast and prompt delivery, all necessary spare parts and consumable items are shipped by our logistics center. You can find more information by phone, fax, letter, email or on our Website.


Dr.J Scientific also offers a wide range of useful accessories like sample preparation machines and moulds. We also offer an extensive range of reference samples and solutions, so that you can perform your analysis even better.


Precise Instruments --- 

It started with a commitment to building precise instruments. For more than 30 years, we have devoted into development and improvement of instruments, promoted Dr.J instruments all over the world, and applied them in every field of industrial, but we still believe in the same thing. Our mission is to improve your sense of precision in every experience you have with a Dr.J product or service. 


Perfect Experience --- 

Dr.J Scientific always puts customers as the No. 1 priority. We devote not just to meeting their demand, but to exceeding it. From design to production to delivery, we provide you one-stop manufacturing service which you can rely on. Furthermore, we know that being flexible is important for you, that is why we offer custom solutions specific for you, with 24/7/365 uninterrupted service and support.



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Nowadays we help users better understand a wide variety of materials, from polymers and mining to metals and from electronic chip to component.



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