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  • What is the difference between the SE and BSE modes of scanning electron microscopy?
    1. The collected signals are different. SE: secondary electron; BSE: backscattered electron.2. The resolution is different. SE: high; BSE: low.3. The image contrast is different. SE: Topographic contrast; BSE: Thickness contrast.4. The purpose of application is different. SE: onlookers three-dimensi
  • Common Cleanliness Problems
    1. Why is residual dirt analysis so important? Because we know that cleanliness is a key factor affecting reliability and service life, we thoroughly and thoroughly inspect all parts for residual particles from parts to assembly groups. Wash and clean the parts repeatedly to remove residual particle
  • What is the difference between CCD and CMOS?
    In our engineer’s opinion,the CCD detector has better limit of detection (LOD)And CMOS has better repeatability.Let’s the comparison of them.
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