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ONH-2018 Oxygen Nitrogen Hydrogen Analyzer

Oxygen: 0.00005%0.1%

Nitrogen: 0.00005%0.5%

Hydrogen: 0.00005%0.0050%

Optimized with user-friendly features

Highest Reliability and Economics

Precise and efficient element analysis

Quick results thanks to easy operation

Powerful furnace technology and new sample port system

Oxygen measurement cells with flexible measuring range



ONH-2018 Series Oxygen Nitrogen Hydrogen Analysers are professional laboratory analytical instrument with high sensitivity, high precision and high stability. Due to the modular design, future hardware and software upgrades are convenient. it is used to analyze oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen concentrations in inorganic sample materials reliably, accurately and safely by inert gas fusion.


The ONH-2018 series Oxygen Nitrogen Hydrogen Analysers are used to analyze oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen concentrations in inorganic sample materials reliably, accurately and safely by inert gas fusion. Determination of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in Iron, Steel, Cobalt, Nickel, Ferroalloys, Copper Production,Titanium, Zirconium and other Refractory Metals, Metal Processing, Aluminum and Magnesium, Magnetic Materials. For example, Determining the amount of oxygen and nitrogen is critical during the steel making process, the final alloy adjustment by addition of ferroalloy but also for the production of nickel- and cobalt-base alloys.


1. Digital closed-loop control pulse electrode furnace

2. Powerful 8.0KW impulse furnace for temperatures in excess of 3000℃

3. Temperature programming control power, with constant power, constant current, constant voltage, slope control and other ways to increase temperature

4. Instrument operation control circuit and data acquisition adopt modular, no drift design

5. The integrated design of the whole machine, the layout is more reasonable, and the gas system is more airtight

6. It has a high functionality, elegant design and innovative features

7. It is a reliable and precise measurement of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen is an important part of quality control process.

8. It can available for the determination of single elements as well as for measuring combinations of ON, OH, and ONH.

9. The scientific concept of the ONH-2018 series is based on flexible configuration options and the user-friendly software.

10. Quick results thanks to easy operation

11. The gas system is lead to the detectors to guarantee low detection limits and good reproducibility.

12. The ONH-2018 during analysis breaks helps to reduce carrier gas consumption and hence operating cost.

13. The controlled catalyst with moisture filter ensures reliable oxygen measurement also for low concentrations.




The Scope of Analysis

Oxygen: 0.00005%~0.1%

Nitrogen: 0.00005%~0.5%

Hydrogen: 0.00005%~0.0050%

The Minimum Reading


Instrument Accuracy

Oxygen: SD:≤0.0001% or RSD≤1.0%

Nitrogen: SD:≤0.0001% or RSD≤1.0%

Hydrogen: SD:≤0.2ppm or RSD≤2.0%

The Time of Analysis

Oxygen: 120~180s

Nitrogen: 120~240s

Hydrogen: 120~180s/120~240s (Infrared absorption method / thermal conductivity method)

The electronic balance weighing accuracy (One ten thousandth)


The Method of Analysis

Oxygen: Infrared absorption method

Nitrogen: Thermal conductivity

Hydrogen: Infrared absorption method / thermal conductivity method

Pulse Heating Furnace

Maximum current: 1500A

Maximum power: 8KVA

Maximum temperature: 3500℃

Carrier Gas

99.999% High purity argon / high purity helium,0.40MPa

Power Gas

Ordinary nitrogen or purified compressed air (de-oil removal), 0.25MPa.

Chemical Reagent

Magnesium perchlorate, alkali asbestos

Chemical, physical and structural,
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