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Elemental Analyzer

We adhere to the principle of providing our customers with the best Elemental Analyzer solutions, design test instruments and manufacture quality control products using patented and proprietary technologies. Our Elemental Analyzer core products are Optical Emission Spectrometer, Carbon Sulfur Analyzer, Oxygen Nitrogen Hydrogen Analyzer, LIBS Analyzer, ICP-AES, etc. Mainly used for metal element analysis, trace element analysis in science and industry, metallurgy, foundry, mechanical engineering, scientific research, product inspection, automotive, petrochemical, shipbuilding, electrical, aerospace, nuclear power, metal and non-ferrous metal smelting, processing and recycling and other industries.We are committed to our clients' performance and embrace their targets as our own.

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Chemical, physical and structural,
cleanliness analysis solution supplier
Nowadays we help users better understand a wide variety of materials, from polymers and mining to metals and from electronic chip to component.



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