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Desktop SAM Microscope for Integrated Circuit



Lightweight model-desktop type, easy to operate and maintain. Using a unique synchronous scanning structure, compared with SJ-SAM100, greatly reducing the size and weight of the whole machine, and still maintain a high scanning efficiency.


1、Lightweight scanning head;

2、Desktop integrated machine;

3、Fully enclosed protection;

4、Universal fixture, one-key calibration, remote assistance.


High efficiency—According to the 20/80 principle, 80% of the batches of workpieces on the workshop site only need to be routinely and quickly inspected without detailed analysis, so the DJ-SAM400 model can be used to achieve rapid inspection. Used for process control of production lines in semiconductor, integrated circuit, low-voltage electrical appliances and other industries. It is suitable for workshop site or small physical and chemical laboratory.



2、Maximum Scanning Range:200mmX100mmX100mm;

3、Overall Size:400mmX500mmX500mm;(Standard)

4、Detector frequency range:1~50MHz;(Standard,Can be upgraded to 230MHz);

5、Recommended resolution of image:0.5um ~ 4000um;

6、Typical Scanning Time:<45s (Testing Conditions:Scanning area 10mmX10mm,Resolution ratio 50um);

7、Maximum Scanning Speed:300mm/s;Maximum Scanning Acceleration:5m/s²;

8、Motion Mechanism Positional Accuracy:Axis X/Y<±1um,Axis Z <±10um;Repeated Positioning Accuracy:Axis X/Y <±0.01mm,Axis Z <±0.02mm;

9、Sampling frequency:25~250MHz;(Standard,Can be upgraded to 1.5GHz));

10、Adjustable gain per channel:-13~66dB;(Standard,Upgradeable);

11、Pulse Repetition Frequency:5kHz;(Standard,Upgradeable).

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