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Defect analysis solution


Semiconductor plastic packaging, adhesive film and welding defect detection

Scanning acoustic microscope is a commonly used quality inspection and failure analysis instrument in the semiconductor packaging manufacturing industry. It has a unique effect on detecting a variety of common defects in the packaging manufacturing process.

We have sorted out some typical defect forms and ultrasonic inspection images for your reference.

1. Ultrasonic inspection of plastic packaging delamination and void defects.

The delamination (debonding) of the plastic package and the lead frame is a common type of defect in the package manufacturing process. The existence of this defect causes the plastic package to fail to effectively protect the work of the chip, and water vapor is easy to invade, which seriously affects the life and reliability of the device. Only the use of ultrasonic testing methods can effectively check whether the defect exists.


(1)  Plastic layered ultrasonic scan image of TO-252 package


(2)Delamination defects caused by abnormal injection process of TO-220


(3)The cavity defect inside the molding compound

2. Ultrasonic testing of semiconductor chip mounting/bonding defects.

The chip mounting/sticking process is a key process in the packaging manufacturing process. The voids in the chip mounting/sticking process will cause insufficient heat dissipation of the device during use, which will affect the service life and reliability. Using the ultrasonic testing method, it can quickly and effectively identify the chip loading/bonding cavity defect.


(1)Ultrasonic scanning image of cavity on discrete device chip


(2)IGBT module tomography image

3. Ultrasonic Inspection of Semiconductor Welding Defects.

The welding process will produce bubbles and voids, which will cause insufficient heat dissipation capacity of the device during use, which will affect the service life and reliability. Using ultrasonic testing methods can quickly and effectively identify welding void defects.


(1)Ultrasonic scanning image of welding cavity of discrete device heat sink


(2)Ultrasonic Scanning Image of Welding Defects of Thyristor

In summary, the reasons for the above-mentioned defects include mold damage, material mismatch, and equipment abnormality. Therefore, adding ultrasonic testing to the appropriate positions in each process will help improve product quality and reliability.

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