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DJ-CCCX Custom Cleanliness Cabinets




DJ-CCCX  VDA 19 Custom Cleanliness Cabinets integrate pressure jet cleaning, perfusion cleaning, cleaning agent online filtration and membrane production, and cyclic fine filtration and recovery. It realizes the simultaneous cleaning of parts and the filtration and recovery of particulate pollutants, which can collect particulate pollutants on the surface of the parts in time On the surface of the filter membrane, the filter membrane sample can be obtained after the parts are cleaned, reducing the retention time of particulate pollutants in the cleaning agent; subverting the traditional manual cleaning and testing method, standardizing the cleanliness testing control process, and improving the testing efficiency.

DJ-CCCX VDA 19 Custom Cleanliness Cabinets uses a dedicated touch screen control system and professional measurement and control software to display the working status of the equipment in real time. The cleaning pressure and flow can be adjusted. With different cleaning nozzles, it can quickly and conveniently clean the internal cavity channels, blind holes, and the whole surface, it is widely used in the cleanliness detection of various auto parts. Meet ISO16232-2007, VDA19, GB/T3821-2005 and other international and domestic standards, and meet the cleanliness testing standards of major automobile factories such as Volkswagen, GM, Ford, etc.


This equipment integrates high-pressure spraying, flushing, and perfusion cleaning, and is widely used for particle extraction and sample preparation when testing the surface cleanliness of various auto parts. For example: engine block, cylinder head, gear, crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft, valve, piston, rocker arm, transmission shaft pin, oil pump, water pump, turbocharger, tubing oil circuit and other parts and assembly cleanliness analysis.


Pressure jet cleaning

Pressure jet cleaning is to use the pressure in the cleaning area to clean the interface, according to the preset parameters, automatically clean the detection position of the parts. Or use the pressure cleaning spray gun to manually control the spray gun to wash the surface of the parts in accordance with the cleaning regulations. The cleaning pressure, flow rate and angle can be adjusted according to the specifications.

Online filtering and sample preparation

The cleaning agent after cleaning the parts passes through the online filter, which can realize synchronous automatic cleaning and filtering of samples, and timely collect the particle contaminants on the surface of the parts in the cleaning solution to the surface of the detection filter membrane. The particle filtration collection device can choose to place filter membranes with different pore sizes according to needs at the same time, and can be configured according to customer requirements. The equipment is equipped with three-stage filtration as standard. In order to collect particles according to the particle size range, make the particles more evenly distributed on each filter membrane, and perform image scanning and analysis more accurately.

Equipment self-cleaning

Before the equipment detects the cleanliness of the parts, it needs to perform a system blank value test. Only after the equipment blank value is qualified can it be used to test the surface cleanliness indicators of the parts. The blank value index of the equipment meets the ISO16232-3 standard, and the blank value is less than or equal to 0.3mg/10um.

Circulating fine filter cleaning agent

The equipment uses a special cleaning fluid for cleanliness. The cleaning fluid is the carrier used to extract particulate contaminants in the equipment. The cleaning fluid itself must not contain contaminants that affect the detection result data. The equipment integrates automatic precision filtering of the cleaning fluid function to ensure that the cleaning fluid is cleaning the parts The front is clean, and its cleanliness can be checked by the terminal filter device.

Add cleaning agent/replace cleaning agent

The equipment is loaded with a capacity of 25L at a time; the matching cleaning fluid is automatically added to the equipment through the filling port. The user can choose the amount of addition according to the cleaning and testing needs. When the cleaning fluid needs to be replaced, select the corresponding control button to open the cleaning fluid discharge port The waste liquid is discharged automatically.

Cleaning parameter adjustment

Refer to different cleanliness testing standards and adopt program control to adjust the cleaning and washing time, cleaning spray pressure, cleaning time, and spray flow. According to the cleanliness of the product, the extraction procedure is detected and the cleaning process is automatically controlled to achieve the cleaning and extraction of different products.

Auxiliary lighting

Industrial-grade waterproof and explosion-proof LED auxiliary lighting, energy saving, environmental protection, safe and reliable, protection grade IP67.

Cleaning liquid circulation filter function area

The equipment uses a special cleaning fluid for cleanliness. The cleaning fluid is the carrier used to extract particulate contaminants in the equipment. The cleaning fluid itself must not have contaminants that affect the detection result data. The equipment integrates automatic precision filtration of the cleaning fluid function. The cleaning fluid is connected in three stages Filter device, the first stage adopts 1μm pore size, the second stage adopts 0.45μm pore size; the third stage adopts 0.2μm pore size; the cleaning liquid is recycled by multi-stage filter element filtration, after the multi-stage filter element is filtered, it is ensured that the cleaning liquid is before cleaning the parts.




Pressure cleaning chamber size

700*600*700mm (1600*1400*1600 optional, 2000*1600*2000 optional)

reservoir tank capacity


Full color touch screen

German SIEMENS 10-inch ultra-full color touch screen

Three-stage circulation filtration

1.0um, 0.45um, 0.2um three-stage circulation filtration

Three-stage membrane

One-click auto-clamping, specifications Ø47mm, Ø50mm, customized according to customer requirements

Auto-lifting door

One-click auto-constant speed lifting

Imported cleaning pump

Imported high-pressure pump

Cleaning chamber material

Mirror 304 stainless steel

Programmable controller

German SIEMENS digital programmable controller

Full stainless cleaning water gun

Full stainless custom, with cylindrical nozzle

Air filter

Multilevel precision filtration

Cleaning collection pipeline

Pipeline adopts food grade internal and external polished SUS304 one-time forming tube

Main Function

Auto-cleaning of the inner wall

Auto-spraying and auto-cleaning of the inner wall

Workpiece timing cleaning mode

Cleaning time can be set arbitrarily

Workpiece constant flow cleaning mode

Flow rate: 0~8 L/min can be set arbitrarily, error rate ≤5%

Manual cleaning mode

Switch between manual cleaning and auto-cleaning at will

Spray gun pressure setting

Spray pressure 0-0.6Mpa can be set arbitrarily flushing pressure

Real-time display of liquid level

Real-time display of liquid level in the display screen

Cleaning room lighting

IP6 waterproof LED lighting

Flow calibration

Set permissions for flow calibration

Auto-membrane holder

One-click opening and closing, highly automated


Auto-program control, touch screen control

Pipeline self-cleaning

Through program control, auto-cleaning and drainage

General parameters

Executive Standards

ISO16232/VDA19/ISO18413.etc. standards

System blank value

Meet ISO16232-3 standard, self-cleaning degree ≤0.3mg/10um

Flow range

1.0L/min-8.0L/min, accuary5%

Time setting range

0-9999 S

Applicable cleaning agent

AP760, D60 solvent with flash point ≧62℃

Cleaning fluid filtration accuracy


Applicable testing membrane

Ø47mm (optional three-stage series filter membrane sample preparation)

Filter accuracy of air filter

Meet the ISO14644-123 Class 5 standard, reach 0.3 μm.

Working pressure


Filter membrane clamp tooling

Three filter membranes with different pore diameters can be placed at the same time to realize sample preparation of three-stage series filter membrane

Vacuum filtration system

Vacuum suction pressure:-(0.3 ~ 0.6) Mpa



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